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ing a 5 percent to 10 percent stake fo▓r a reputed 400 million U.S. do▓llars.But not everyone in Hollywood is welcoming the Prince with open arms since▓ some activists argued that the prince should take more measures to i▓mprove women's rights of all aspects in the society.Saudi women were given permission in Janu▓ary to attend football matches and to▓ start their own businesses withou▓t the consents of their male relatives, while the country just announced its p

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he Prince w▓ould gradually usher in more substantive changes."There was no segre▓gation at the ('Black Panther' ) screening and▓ I saw lots of happiness and cheering of men ▓and woman side by side. I think this is how it's going to be in the future."Said the CEO of AMC Theaters, Adam Aron, who recently struck a deal to open 350 cinemas in the Kingdom, "The crown prince is aware that Saudi Arabia has had a difficult imag▓e in the United States...He wants to tran

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ery appealing to Americans."Please scan the QR Code to follow us▓ on InstagramPlease scan the Q

R Cod▓e to follow us on WechatAustralia▓n news reports of naval challenge rebuttedAustralian news reports of naval challenge rebuttedAustralian news rep▓orts of naval challenge rebutted04-21-2018 14:23 BJTThe Ministry of National Defen▓se has dismissed an Australian media▓ report claiming that the Chinese Navy challenged Australia in the South China Sea as "not in accorda▓nce with facts".The Australian Broadcasting Corp cited anonymous defense official▓s in a r

eport on Friday as saying that China "chal


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lenged" three Australian warships in the South China Sea, the Associated P▓ress reported.In res

ponse, the Chines▓e ministry confirmed in a Friday afternoon statement that naval vessels of China and Australia "had an encounter" on April 15 ▓in the waters of the South China Sea.The Chinese vessels used professional ▓language in their contact with Australian n▓aval forces, and their operations were legitimate, regulated, professional and safe, the ministry said without elaborat▓ing on the exact numbers of the naval vessels from either side."The relevant re▓p

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ordance with facts," the ministry sa▓id.Also on Friday, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm T

urnbull said the Australian na▓vy has a "perfect

right" to traverse▓ the South China Sea,

the AP reported.When asked about Turnbull's comment,

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Foreign▓ Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said ▓China always respects and safeguards the freedom of navigation and overflights enjoyed by all countries in the South China Sea in line with international laws.I▓f Australia has hidden intentions or indications in this regard, it is hoped the country would face up to the stable and good▓ momentum in the South China Sea region's situation, work with China and other countries in the sea ▓to maintain its peace and stability▓ and inject posi

habi, told Xinhua Friday, "They're serious about putting their money where their mouth is. And the scale of
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